The Ohio International Medicine Center has a rich regional and cultural heritage, honored in the design through direct and metaphoric application of color and materials.  The space is used as an international medical tourism site for those who are interested in outpatient, less invasive medical care, while also experiencing a resort that showcases the natural beauty that Southeast Ohio has to offer.

The design draws inspiration from neighboring towns, known for production and harvesting sites for coal and clay.  The layers of sediment, called Strata, are residue found in nature as the following: Clay, Shale, and Coal.  These materials are the art feature of the three story atrium space, which transfers to the accent color on each floor.  The overall design stems from the natural surroundings, harnessing and experiencing daylight.  Furthermore, the heights, forms, and negative spaces lend themselves to the layered effect of the strata.  Finishes are local and sustainable materials intending to create an experience that is connected with nature for patients, employees, and guests.


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